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Besiege is a physics based building game where you construct a medieval siege engine to destroy fortresses and buildings, or whatever the goal may be. It’s an indie game created by Spiderling Games, a two-man team based in southern England. They began developing the game in late 2013. Besiege was released as a Steam Early Access Game on January 28th, 2015, before then it was available on their website,, and the Humble Bundle store, which you can still purchase it from. It’s available for Windows, Mac and Linux. It is currently in alpha version 0.05, but don’t let that turn you off to this. It is a very well put together game from the UI to the building mechanics. Currently there are 15 levels available and a sandbox mode where you can build anything you want and try it out on different things such as knights, castles, windmills, buildings, ramps and sheep. The game can get pretty gory with lots of blood, when you’ve got an army of knights or sheep running into the saw blades that you’ve put on your deadly creation.




When you first start you will see the main menu consists of a globe with five islands on it. Orbiting around the globe is a moon and some sort of cube. Moving the globe around with the left-mouse button and hovering over the islands, you will see that most of them are locked and say “Under Construction, Coming in a future update”. If you hover your mouse over the moon it will tell you the same thing. The cube will get you to the sandbox mode, although it says it’s still a work in progress. The only island that you can select is called “Ipsilon”. After selecting that island you will see that it is divided into 15 levels. The first level is pretty basic, allowing you to get an idea of what to do. There is a build guide that pops up on the left of the screen and helps you build your first siege engine. The building UI in this game is very simple and easy to use. All of your tools are along the top of the screen and your building blocks are along the bottom. Your building blocks include armor plating, cogs, hinges, springs, pistons and wheels. You’ve also got propellers and wings to create flying machines. The weapons you have available include saw blades, bombs, flamethrowers, spikes and cannons. It allows you to get very creative with your killing machine. The level of detail on this game is great, like woods beams snapping in half, blood stains on spikes and saw blades, or your creation going up in flames. You will have a lot of fun trying out the different things you can build to destroy armies and kill sheep.


The next major update, 0.1, is supposed to come sometime around April or May of 2015. It will bring a new island to the game with new scenery, structures, enemies and 5 more levels. More levels will be added to the new island in the future. Spiderling Games is also looking into moving the game to Unity 5 and Steam Workshop. The game currently runs on the Unity 4 engine. The developers said that moving the game over to Unity 5 would give it significant performance increases, unfortunately there are some issue preventing them from moving to the new engine. They are hoping that will be fixed in the future. Spiderling is also looking into Steam Workshop as an easy way for players to share their creations with one another. There are already a lot creations that players have uploaded to the official forums,, that you can download and try out. Also pretty good support and guides at the forums, definitely worth checking out. Currently the developer has no plans to add a multiplayer mode to the game because of “serious technical limitations when playing around in a physics environment.” Although they did say you cannot rule it out 100% just that it’s unlikely.

Overall this is a really fun game, even though it is still in alpha, that is definitely worth checking out and has a lot more potential in the future. You will spend hours building and trying out all the different contraptions. It’s currently only $6.99 on their website and through Steam, but the developer said that the price will increase over time as more content “of sufficient quality to justify it” is added. But if you purchase it now you will get all those updates for free.

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