W4P EP 007: Insurgency – Brawlhalla – Woolet

This week we discuss a little about what we feel is the future of console gaming. Then we discuss a tactical, squad based shooter called Insurgency. After that we talk some about DayZ and the mods that are available then a Super Smash Bros. clone called Brawlhalla. Then for the tech part of the show Adam tells us a bit about a couple of engineering seniors that can put out fires with sound. Never loose your wallet, or phone, again with the Woolet. After that we talk some about the board-less skateboard of the future,. Finally we finish off the show with Peter telling us about the coolest cooler of all, the Coolest.

Future of video game consoles: http://www.gamespot.com/articles/xbox-one-ps4-wii-u-could-be-the-last-generation

Insurgency: http://www.playinsurgency.com/

DayZ Mods: http://www.dayzcommander.com/

Brawlhalla: http://www.brawlhalla.com/

Sound and fire: http://time.com/3760361/students-extinguish-fire-with-sound/

Woolet: http://www.woolet.co/

Board-Less Skateboard: http://libertycitys.com/welcome-to-the-future-this-board-less-skateboard-is-blowing-my-mind/

Coolest: http://coolest.com/


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