W4P EP 015: Gear Up – The Curious Expedition – Self Driving Vehicles

This week with mix things up a little bit with a slight format change. For the news we talk a little bit about Rockstar San Diego, looking for programmers, and raising hope for a new Red Dead Redemption. Then we go over a list of games coming out next month and then really quick about a couple of teasers for teasers of Doom and Need for Speed. After news we jump into a game called Gear Up, where you can build tanks and control them in multiplayer arcade action. Then we talk for a while about a game called The Curious Expedition, a 19th century roguelike expedition sim. And finally we cap off the show with a nice long discussion about Google’s Self Driving cars and the possibilities of autonomous vehicles in general. A Lazy Knights Production.

Gear Up: http://play-gearup.com/

The Curious Expedition: http://www.curious-expedition.com/

Google’s Self Driving Cars:

And Lucky our Studio Cat:


Music courtesy of Josh Eckert

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