W4P EP 016: Savage Lands – Orbital Gear – Tesla Suit

In this week’s episode we are again without the Real Peter. Adam M. tells us a little about playing The Witcher 3. Jon tells us about a game called Hatred, a very adult game where you go on a murder spree. After that we jump into news for this week including a quick bit about a hoverboard that broke the furthest flight record and then we go over a list of confirmed and rumored games coming to E3 this year. Then a short discussion about the new Need for Speed requiring an active internet connection. Then Jon tells us about an awesome open world survival fantasy game called Savage Lands. Then Adam C. shows us a really fun and fast paced 2d multiplayer shooter called Orbital Gear, where you play as a giant mech fighting in the gravity fields of planets. Then we finish of the show with a discussion about the Tesla Suit, a full body VR immersion experience. A Lazy Knights Production.

Hatred: http://www.destructivecreations.pl/

Hoverboard Guinness World Record:

Savage Lands: http://www.savagelandsgame.com/

Orbital Gear: http://orbitalgear.com/

Tesla Suit: http://www.teslasuit.com/


Music courtesy of Josh Eckert

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