W4P EP 021: Memory of a Broken Dimension – This War of Mine – Airing

This week for news for the guys talk a bit about the Allison Road trailer, a horror game inspired by Silent Hills P.T., and then the ultra rare Nintendo Playstation. Then a quick discussion about some more of the problems with Batman: Arkham Knight for the PC. After that Peter tells us about a website called SteamSpy.com where you can find all kinds of stats for the games available on Steam. Then we take a closer look at Memory of a Broken Dimension, check out the link below to download the demo. After that we discuss some awesome modular custom LightSabers on Kickstarter then a game called This War of Mine, an awesome side-scroller resource management game that you can preorder right now for Android and receive a free copy on Steam if you click here. Then we finish off the show with a Kickstarter for a hoseless, maskless micro-CPAP machine called Airing. A Lazy Knights productions.

Allison Road:

Nintendo Playstation: http://www.gamespot.com/articles/nintendos-playstation

SteamSpy: http://steamspy.com/

This War of Mine preorder for Android and get a free Steam copy!: https://gamesrepublic.com/go/w134041100

Memory of a Broken Dimension (Download Demo here): http://xra.itch.io/memory-of-a-broken-dimension

Custom Lightsabers: http://www.saberforge.com/

Airing: https://www.indiegogo.com/airing-the-first-hoseless-maskless-micro-cpap


Music courtesy of Josh Eckert

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