W4P EP 025: Lisa – Omerta: City of Gangsters – Gnarbox

This week we talk a bit about the Nvidia Shield tablet recall. Then a couple new details about No Man’s Sky, the huge space exploration game with over 18 quintillion planets to explore. Playstation Now is going to start offering voting for free games for Playstation Plus members. Fallout Shelter gets a release date for Android. Then Adam C. tells us about a great side scrolling RPG called Lisa: The Painful RPG. The Peter talks about the E1 Camera a 4k UHD camera with interchangeable lenses. Then we look at a game called Omerta: City of Gangsters. Finally Jon tells us about the Gnarbox were you can edit and share HD content easily no matter where you are. A Lazy Knights Production.

Lisa: http://www.lisatherpg.com/

E1 Camera: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2081787381/

Omerta: City of Gangsters: http://www.cityofgangsters.com/us/

Gnarbox: http://gnarbox.com/

Music courtesy of Josh Eckert

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