W4P EP 031: Party Hard – Club Hub – AirMech

For this week we are once again without Jon, while he relaxes in Hawaii. After being a bit jealous over that, we talk some more about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, including an announcement from Konami about a game stopping bug involving Quiet. Then we talk little about the new Middle Eastern Street Fighter V character, Rashid. Peter gives us some info on a skin pack released by Riot for League of Legends. After that we look at the Pokemon GO trailer and a quick bit about Garry’s Mod 2 having VR support. For tech news, we look at Ballantine’s space whiskey glass, an update on Megabots kickstarter, some info on a few Apple announcements, and Microsoft downloading Windows 10 for you whether you want it or not. Adam C. talks about Party Hard, an award-winning stealth strategy game about stopping the party by killing everybody. Then Peter tells us about a gadget to help your golf game called the Club Hub. We finish up the show with Adam telling us about an older, free-to-play game called AirMech and a question from our producer! A Lazy Knights production.

Pokemon GO:

Space Glass:

Party Hard: http://tinybuild.com/partyhard

Club Hub: http://clubhubgolf.com/

AirMech: https://www.carbongames.com/airmech/

Music courtesy of Josh Eckert.

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