All Guns on Deck

All Guns On Deck, developed by Decaying Logic

All Guns On Deck, developed by Decaying Logic

All Guns on Deck is a new game from the developer Decaying Logic. This strategy/real time tactics RPG has everything it needs to fully immerse you in naval combat. Have you ever wanted to captain your own ship? Maybe lead your men against an advanced army of aerial fighters with nothing but your ship and your wits? Well that is exactly where this game takes you. You, as the Captain, are in charge of everything on board your vessel, from who works where, to manually taking over for your gunners, to ensure the highest chances of success.

When I first jumped into this game I wasn’t fully sure of what to expect, so I did what any new Captain would do. I dove in head first and said damn the consequences this is war! All Guns on Deck delivers, and it does so with style. The art style in this game gives it the feeling of an old school side scrolling arcade game, but with a fresh new take on combat. You as the Captain are in charge of manning your ship with mercenaries from your home naval port. These mercenaries can man almost any position on your ship as is, but to make them more effective you have to train each crewman to specialize in the task you wish them to perform. You will need: Engineers, Firefighters, Welders, Technicians, Specialists, and the list goes on. In training all of your crewman, you will up your battle efficiency as well as your ability to survive the ongoing barrage from above. Once you have assembled a crew and hopefully enough to fully man your ship, your off to war (my favorite part).


Combat is a relatively straight forward endeavor. The enemy is above, and you are below. Send the enemy to the murky depths below you and victory will be yours. Depending on your vessel of choice they all have defining attributes. For instance, one may boast 4 guns and only an average armor rating, or you may choose to sail in a 2 gun tank that can really take a beating. Once in combat your gunners will automatically fire on the enemy as they pass, but what Captain doesn’t yearn to take control of his weapons and destroy the enemy himself? Not only can you control your guns in this game but you can either control them individually or all at once.  Add that to the constant care of your ship and combat really starts to feel hectic.

agod_ea_1200x675_screenshot_9Now, what would this game be without a fun new take on a way to customize your ship? So when you find yourself in port you can stop by the store, and see all the sweet new blueprints for upgrades. The blueprints come in the form of a chip and can be added at any time after they are purchased via the shipyard in port. You start with three guns which are more than capable of carrying you through the early battles, but I wouldn’t wait too long before starting your upgrades. After each battle you earn money which you will then in turn use to upgrade your ship. The level of the mission you complete determines the monetary value of each battle you successfully complete. Some modifications to your weapons will do things such as increase the fire rate, or speed of the projectile fired making it easier to hit your foes. Other modifications are whole new weapons entirely adding their very own distinct advantages to combat. There are new blueprints for new ships in the store which will greatly increase you ability to advance your campaign. Some are much stronger or boast more guns and even allow for larger crew sizes. The customization in this game is very well done in my opinion because it is done in such a way that the developer will have no trouble at all adding to it to keep this game exciting and fresh.

If you are new to this type of game like me, or a seasoned FTL player looking for a new game with a fresh take then I highly suggest All Guns on Deck. There are a few small quirks in the game, but for a title that is still in early access, the successes far outweigh the few minor hiccups. I will continue to play this game through early access and look forward to seeing what this game becomes. It is exciting new take on naval combat with endless room for improvement. I hope you all give it a shot and let me know what you think!

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