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Today I am talking about a game called Scraps: Modular Vehicle Combat developed by Moment Studio out of New Zealand. Development for this game started in late 2012 with a successful Kickstarter in 2013. It was then released on Steam Early Access on July 7th 2015. Scraps: Modular Vehicle Combat is a game where you build a vehicle from the chassis up and compete against other vehicles in a combat arena. Then you scavenge the scrap left behind from the vehicles you destroy, to repair and upgrade your vehicle. All parts are functional and contribute to the way your vehicle runs as well as its weight and balance.

Before you start I suggest selecting “How to Play” from the main menu. It is very informative and tells you pretty much everything you need to know to start playing this game. After that I would give the “Vehicle Editor” a look. Here you will be able to build a new vehicle from the chassis up or load up an existing vehicle or prebuilt default to edit. The build screen is pretty self explanatory and easy to use. You have all your parts on the top left side of the screen and your vehicle information on the right. At the bottom of the screen you have sliders to change the suspension on the front or rear, an option to freeze physics, and an option to show the center of mass. All that comes in very handy to help you build and balance your vehicle. Remember to try and keep your center of gravity low. Then you also have the option to save your vehicle and to test it, which comes in very handy and is easy to switch back and forth from.

Then either choose a single player game with bots or an online multiplayer match. Unfortunately, I have not been able to try out the multiplayer mode yet. I have yet to see anyone else playing online, which can be a common problem with Early Access multiplayer games. Just not enough people playing it online yet. They do hold “weekly game” Steam events on Saturdays to get more people playing together. But the single player is still fun and a good chance to hone your skills for the weekly events. When you load up the single player mode you can select up to 7 bots to play with. First you select the level of AI for the bots from 5 different options, ranging from Easy AI to Godlike AI. Then you can select which vehicle for the bot to use. Here is also where you can select the vehicle you wanna use, either from a default one or one you built in the vehicle editor. Your starting scrap at first is 12000, which will determine which vehicle you can purchase. You then have from three different maps to choose from, SandyBridge, DustBowl, and TestMapMP. Underneath the map is where you can alter some of the game options like max players, starting scrap, round length, and if you want low gravity on or off. I would highly suggest playing with normal gravity at first, but low gravity is definitely fun to play around with after you get the hang of it. The balance of your vehicle is extra important then.

The controls are pretty straightforward, WASD keys to drive and mouse to aim. The game does offer controller support, but I found it much easier to play with a keyboard and mouse. The HUD shows you your weapons that are equipped and your resources on the bottom, with time and health at the top. You have to manage how much power you have, how hot your guns are getting, and how much scrap you can hold. You collect scrap from the enemies you destroy and use it to repair or further upgrade your vehicle. At different points in the map there are beacons that you can go to, so you can deposit your collected scrap and repair or upgrade your vehicle. If you are using too much power then put in more generators or if your guns overheat too quickly, add a couple heatsinks.

One cool thing that I didn’t mention earlier is that another option for multiplayer is to setup a LAN game. The cool thing is that only one person needs the full game. Everyone else can download just the demo and join the LAN game for free. That is another nice thing to, that it has a demo. I wish more games had demos available so you can try it out first before you buy it. It also warrants a mention that this game is still in early development, so things are being changed and added all the time. But don’t let that discourage you from checking out Scraps: Modular Vehicle Combat, I have had a ton of fun with it and it reminds me a bit of old school Twisted Metal. You can find the game on Steam or visit their website at, And a special thanks to Moment Studio for being so kind as to send us a copy of this game to review.

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