W4P EP 035: The Escapists: The Walking Dead – Fluid – Disposable Heroes

We start off this weeks show with a quick discussion about the Star Wars Battlefront Beta and how awesome this game is. Then Adam C. gets excited about the recent PS4 price drop that Sony announced. After that we quickly go over the Fallout 4 system requirements and then Halo: The Fall of Reach, three-part animated series. And to wrap up the news segment we talk about the trailers for Far Cry Primal and Minecraft Story Mode. Adam C. then talks about a fun game he received called The Escapists: The Walking Dead and Peter tells us about a gadget called Fluid, that could help save you money on your water bill. Adam M. reviews a funny challenging little game called Disposable Heroes. And finally what show would be complete without a space topic, so Jon tells us a bit about a Kickstarter to punch a Moonspike into the side of the moon. This has been a Lazy Knights production.

Far Cry Primal trailer:

Minecraft: Story Mode trailer:

The Escapists: The Walking Dead: http://www.team17.com/games/the-escapists-the-walking-dead/

Fluid: The Learning Water Meter: http://www.fluidwatermeter.com/

Disposable Heroes: http://www.evilizedproductions.com/

Moonspike: http://www.moonspike.com/

Moonspike detailed PDF: http://moonspike.com/MS_feasibilityStudy_Oct01_2015.pdf

Music courtesy of Josh Eckert.

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