W4P EP 040: Fallout 4 – PhoneDrone – Sketch Tales

On this week’s episode we look at the nominees for The Game Awards 2015 and then we quickly look at the Rainbow Six Siege system requirements. After that we talk a little about JJ Abrams making an espionage RPG and then discuss some very successful launches including StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void, Call of Duty: Black Ops III, and Fallout 4. Then a quick bit about Cloud in Super Smash Bros, before Peter tells us all about Fallout 4. Adam M. talks about a gadget called the PhoneDrone Ethos, so you can fly your smart phone around and Jon shows us a very creative game, that lets you draw anything you want, called Sketch Tales. Then we finish off the show with a look at a super expensive, reclining desk called the Altwork Station. This has been a Lazy Knights production.

The Game Awards 2015 Nominees: http://www.destructoid.com/nominees

Call of Duty: Black Ops III:

Fallout 4: https://www.fallout4.com/

PhoneDrone Ethos: http://xcraft.io/phone-drone/

Sketch Tales: http://www.sketch-tales.com/

Altwork Station: http://altwork.com/

Music courtesy of Josh Eckert.

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