W4P EP 045: 12 is Better Than 6 – Etekcity – Gramophone 2.0

In this episode, after a discussion about Rocket League, we jump into the news with CS:GO’s ranking system getting changed, Kojima Productions is now it’s own studio, a quick bit about the Everspace gameplay trailer, and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End getting delayed until April 26th, 2016. After that we discuss some of the issues Steam has been having over the last week and then a bit about the Steam Winter sale, going on until Jan 4th, 2016. Then we finish up the news with a quick tech story about a microprocessor that uses light. For gadgets this week we look at the Etekcity LED Folding Desk lamp and the Bluetooth Gramophone 2.0. Adam C. then tells us about a hand drawn, top down shooter called, 12 is Better Than 6. We wrap up the show with a look back at a few of the things we talked about in 2015 and some major changes coming to the show in 2016. This has been a Lazy Knights Production.

Kojima Productions partnering with Sony:

Everspace gameplay trailer:

12 is Better Than 6: http://12bt6.com/

Etekcity LED Folding Desk Lamp, Eye-care, Multifunctional Book Light, 5V/2A USB charging port

Bluetooth Gramophone 2.0: https://www.gramovox.com/

Music courtesy of Josh Eckert.

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