RWBY: Grimm Eclipse

RWBY: Grimm Eclipse

RWBY: Grimm Eclipse from Rooster Teeth Games

Picture something for me. Take the raucously fun button mashing hack n’ slash with seemingly endless waves of baddies you can slay – something like Dynasty Warriors. Now take that nougat and wrap it with elements of role-playing, online co-op, and a popular American anime series. That little treat that you have? It’s an early access Rooster Teeth game called RWBY: Grimm Eclipse.

This was my foray into Remnant, as YANG!

This was my foray into Remnant, as YANG!

RWBY: GE had a very short campaign on Steam Greenlight and was quickly….uhm…..greenlit into Steam Early access since December 1st 2015. Since then the Steam community has given it very positive reviews. AND RIGHTLY SO! But….with this game being Early Access, there are very definite pros and cons – things that must needs be known before righteously giving Rooster Teeth Games the support they deserve.

Classic RPG elements make the character your own.

Classic RPG elements make the character your own.

The Good:

1) Fans of Rooster Teeth get to play as one of the four main characters in RWBY. Granted this is a biased for The Good category, but fuck yourself….RWBY is awesome. I personally….prefer Yang.

2) Whether playing solo with randoms or with the fam, this game is fun from the start. Every time you start the game, you begin at level one, playing your choice of RWBY members – with duplicates allowed.

3) Dynatsty Warriors with RWBY skins and Special Moves. Pretty much self explanatory. I can be in the middle of a sea of Grimm and Quake the shit out of them with Yang’s….Quake….and as I level it I’m able to charge the attack. And then leveling the Special Move once more allows me to shoot pillars of rock ahead of me as I QUAKE!!!

4) Leveling. Where this game excels is the ability to customize your character through leveling. Using your special moves is the best part of the game, and being able to increase the power of those moves is something to strive towards. Thus the implementation of Tech Trees. There’s plenty more about this game that is good (like collectibles, Easter Eggs, etc…) but you’re reading this on the internet and it needs to be concise right?

The Not So Good:

1) The Game is Early Access. The Steam status of this game speaks to the fact that it is unfinished. And unfortunately the game cannot escape its nature. Currently, your character’s level cap is 10, sort of disheartening because the Tech Tree has space for more! There’s only one campaign to fight through. Unfortunate….for now….

2) Team RWBY is too slow and there’s no double jump. Just like rolling around Hyrule Field in Ocarina of Time, you can use your dodge to move a little bit faster forward, but the characters don’t seem to move fast enough through their environments. And this is RWBY. To paraphrase Burnie in recent podcast…..These characters should be able to jump high as fuck.

So the question asked earlier still stands. Do the pros of the game outweigh the cons? In a word? Yes. But that yes comes with a degree of hope. I hope for more campaigns, I hope for double jumps, I hope for more leveling, and I hope for more teams. And I hope more of the gamers out there support a game with as much potential as RWBY: Grimm Eclipse.



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