W4P EP 051: XCOM 2 – μPeek

For the 51st episode of Waiting4Players we discuss the goofs by Xbox One and their backwards compatibility with Red Dead Redemption, Titanfall 2 adding some new features, and the Dark Souls III opening cinematic. We also discuss Apple rejecting The Binding of Isaac on iOS, some interesting new developments with The Division, and the Doom campaign trailer! The game for this week is XCOM 2 and for the gadget side of things we discuss the μPeek (pronounced Mew-Peek). We round out the show with some of winning-est tips for playing Rocket League better. A Lazy Knights Production.

Opening cinematic for Dark Souls III:

Doom campaign trailer:


Xcom 2

  1. https://xcom.com/
  2. https://xcom.com/xcom-2-stats




  1. http://upeek.net/
  2. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/peek-the-professional-smartphone-microscope#/

Foldscope, 50 cent origami microscope:



Music courtesy of Josh Eckert.

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