W4P EP 052: Firewatch – Carv

In this week’s episode we discuss Rocket League coming to the Xbox One, Riot Games retiring Dominion Game mode, Kanye West announcing a video game, and Ubisoft confirming Watchdogs 2. Then we talk about The Division’s Open Beta this weekend, a 45mph Darpa autonomous drone, PC and Playstation crossplay for DC Universe Online, and the new Need for Speed trailer. We finish off the news with a quick bit about a new Star Trek series and the detection of gravitational waves. After that Peter shows us a game called Firewatch and a gadget called Carv, that will help improve your skiing. Finally we close out the show by coming up with some great game ideas. A Lazy Knights production.

Need for Speed trailer:


Neil deGrasse Tyson explains Gravitational Waves:






Music courtesy of Josh Eckert.

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