W4P EP 055: Half Dead – Sweep

W4P EP 055: Half Dead – Sweep. Broadcast on 3/7/2016. Adam, Adam, Peter, and Jon are back to give you the latest and greatest in video games, gadgetry, and technology. This week the guys discuss Microsoft cancelling Fable Legends, the release date for No Man’s Sky, as well as some news about Mass Effect Andromeda. There’s also some cool gadget news, like a bazzoka designed to down drones, and some mysterious radio signals detected out in space. The game this week is Half Dead and the gadget is called Sweep. A Lazy Knights Production.


Half Dead – http://store.steampowered.com/app/434730/



Sweep: Scanning LiDAR by scanse


Final Segment:

  • Game Descriptions:
    • Josh
      • You find yourself waking up from a deep sleep, inside of an office building in a white room on a bed with a radio on a chair, but something feels off about the whole area, something bad. There is voice over the speakers telling you that things are very bad, and that you should leave right away because you are stupid. Instead you decide to take the office’s cool new play thing, a hidden play thing that you are allowed to shoot, in two different ways at one point. You’d think you’d want to get out, but you actually end up going down. Sometimes around, sometimes under, sometimes through, but mostly you down. Deep down. You have to remember that you are not stupid, that you are bright. Now, be careful. Because sometimes the simple answer is the best one, and after trying so many different ways, you will feel stupid when the simple answer is the right one. And don’t let direction be the thing that stops you. Look up, look around, look down. The answer is always there, you just have to start thinking in a different way about the rooms you are in.
    • Adam C.
      • This game is, in my guess, one of the best third person open world games I’ve ever played. It has even been Game of the Year before and is for sure one of my most loved games. Lots of money was spent making this game and it’s even in the top ten most money to make of all time. This game never came out for the computer. The game takes place in the past and you ride your horse around to different places on the map to finish the story. You can find other horses to use and you can take other people’s horses, too. You can also kill animals and take their skins. Later on in the game you play as your son, for the second part of the story. It has a really good two or more player part that let’s you face off in teams of up to eight and fight it out with old guns. Later there was a new add on part that came out, that lets you gun down living dead humans and also added a whole new single player story, that later came out as it’s own stand alone game.
    • Jon
      • First place your tree ring on the ground.
        Then grab your tree guns, there are two different colors one for each team.
        One player will throw his tree gun trying to land it in the other teams tree ring.
        Each player has three tree guns to fire at the other teams tree ring.
        If a player lands his tree gun in the other teams ring he gets points for his team.
        You must be careful when firing your tree gun as you may kill the other team making the game less fun.
        Be sure to stand clear of your tree ring as the other team throws tree guns at it as safe is important.
        If a team is shot with a tree gun call hospital soon.
        Each Tree gun that lands in the tree ring is three points.
        The first team to get three times three times two add three wins.
        Children under the age of three times four should not play without parent eyes.
        Remember to be safe have fun, and my the best tree gun shooter win!
        We are not held on the catch if your child or any person dies because safe was not done. Our law team is on call eight times three/seven in the event of any law case.

Music courtesy of Josh Eckert.

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