W4P EP 057: Unending Galaxy – OLO

W4P EP 057: Unending Galaxy – OLO. Broadcast on 3/21/2016. Join Adam, Adam, Jon, and Peter as they discuss the best of gadgets and video games of the week. The show begins with some fanciful recounting of the laborious weekend and then dives into news! Sony has something to say about VR and Cross-Platforming. There may also be a Red Dead Redemption 2 in the near future. TellTale brags a bit about the upcoming Batman game, and Witcher 3 is literally the best game ever. The game this week is Unending Galaxy, garnished with a bit of The Division. And the gadget is called OLO. What will the final segment be? You’ll have to tune in to find out! A Lazy Knights Production.



Music courtesy of Josh Eckert.

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