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Gadgets, Gadgets, and more Gadgets | W4P 149

This week we talk about a few different gadgets that have caught our eyes. First we look at The Sound Reactive Mask, an electro-luminescent mask for art and music lovers. After that we discuss...

CES 2018 | W4P 148

This week we talk all about some of the coolest things that got shown at CES 2018. A Lazy Knights production. Music courtesy of Josh Eckert. Join us on Steam. Watch us LIVE on YouTube!

W4P EP 051: XCOM 2 – μPeek

For the 51st episode of Waiting4Players we discuss the goofs by Xbox One and their backwards compatibility with Red Dead Redemption, Titanfall 2 adding some new features, and the Dark Souls III opening cinematic....